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Alien Snatch! Records Presents: Debut Albums from HALL and STREET PANTHER

Hello, rock and roll maniacs! Exciting news to share about two phenomenal debut releases from Berlin’s HALL and Montreal’s STREET PANTHER. Alien Snatch! Records is set to release these masterpieces on May 24th. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty!

HALL: ‘Last Days of Youth’ LP

Emerging from the shadows of Berlin and Leipzig, HALL, a dark, doom-laden garage rock trio, is set to give you goosebumps. Their initial two-piece live show was an absolute spectacle, filled with hauntingly catchy vocals and a raw rhythmic force that screams urgency and self-destruction.

Their debut album, “Last Days Of Youth”, is a collection of eleven original tracks that echo the dark side of the moon and the terrifying polycrisis of everything. If the blood of the MISFITS or the HEX DISPENSERS has ever piqued your interest, then HALL is your next stop.


STREET PANTHER is a sensation! This debut album is a top-tier blend of glam rock and hard rock that will thrill fans of SLADE, ROSE TATTOO, and 70s Sharpie bands. Despite their roots in Montreal, Canada, their music packs the punch and hooks you’d expect from an Australian rock band.

“Muscle Rock” is a high-energy album filled with killer guitar riffs and shout-it-out-loud chorus lines. The band, an international quartet of rock and roll powerhouses, includes members of CHEAP FUR (US), DANGEREENS (CAN), and CRUSADERS OF LOVE (France).

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