The Sences Unveil Their Debut Album “Better Than Before” – A Nostalgic Journey Through '60s Garage & Moody Sounds
Lost In Tyme Records proudly presents the debut album from Greece’s garage rock prodigies, The Sences. “Better Than Before” is set to hit the shelves this June, offering a dozen tracks that are a testament...
The Reflectors
The Reflectors: Where Punk Meets Pop in Perfect Harmony
In the quiet hum of digital correspondence, I find myself immersed in the world of The Reflectors—a band whose legacy transcends mere notes and lyrics. Their story, woven through years of youthful rebellion...
The Fantastic Fellinis
From Fellini to Fretboards: The Fantastic Fellinis’ Encore
Hey there, music aficionados and storytelling enthusiasts! I’m thrilled to bring you an exclusive sit-down with the vibrant and eclectic band that’s been painting the town with their kaleidoscopic tunes...
Deadly Spirits
Soulful Revolution: The Deadly Spirits Story”
Greetings, music enthusiasts! Prepare to be enthralled by the captivating world of Deadly Spirits. This band has been making waves with their distinctive fusion of 60’s soul and garage beat. Their...
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