An Irreverent Invasion of Sound: An Interview with Unconventional Le Muffe

Five years after your last album, how does it feel to once again unleash Le Muffe’s explosive energy to the world?

“Firstly we’d like to thank you for your appreciation of our record, it feels amazing to share it and we are very satisfied with the response of the audience that enjoy our unusual music, as you wrote, a blended mix of garage, beat and punk music.

Since 2011, your music has been described as a “highly inflammable mix of garage, beat, and punk.” How has this blend evolved over the years, especially in your new album, “Down, Down, Down”?

“Our sound reflects both our musical taste and our personality, as we are raw, spontaneous and kind of freaks ourselves, “Down, down, down” is the result of our artistic path, as individuals and as a band. The idea behind the record is to analyse the reality which revolves around us, what we see and live here in the depressing and foggy northern part of Italy.”

Your music is filled with elements that defy stereotypes and carve an original path within the Garage, Beat, and Punk Scene. How do you manage to keep it fresh and avoid genre clichés?

To tell the truth, we kind of feel like outsiders of the conventional garage and punk scene, we don’t want to put a label on ourselves, nor limit to a genre or to a musical stereotype, we are detached from everything and, in fact, we claim our nonalignment and our artistic freedom.”

With a mix of Beat, Garage, Prog, Blues, and Punk, what has been your most successful attempt at blending these genres, and why do you think it worked so well?

“We can’t think of songs that stand out from the others, we have a bond to all our songs, each one matters and has meaning for us.”

Your band is known for the notable absence of a guitar, and instead, the acid organ takes center stage. What prompted this unconventional choice, and how does it define your sound?

“The core of the project is to do something new, different and something that sticks out from the other bands, we chose the acid organ sound over the guitar to shock and to destabilise the audience.”

Your lyrics explore societal decay and the evil within us all, a stark contrast to traditional Italian themes of sun and sea. What inspires such profound, dark narratives?

“The lyrics of the songs reflect the decay of our society, the crisis of traditional values, which affects everyone’s life inextricably, and the daily hell that we live within.”

After “Down, Down, Down,” can you give us a peek into what’s next for Le Muffe? Are there any changes or surprises we should be excited about?

“We just released You Fly Away/Bif!, our new 7″ record produced by Italian Area Pirata Records and French Pigmé Records, but we already have some brand new tracks and we can’t wait to go back in the studio and start working on the next album.”

As we wrap up our in-depth conversation with Le Muffe, it’s clear that this band is shaping a distinctive voice in the scene, creating a cocktail of beats, that defies conventional labels. With their deep, thought-provoking narratives and constant desire to make the difference, we can’t wait to see what Le Muffe brings to the table next.

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