Exploring the Enigmatic Story of The Lords of the New Church

In the rich tapestry of punk and post-punk music, few bands have left as indelible a mark as The Lords of the New Church. Combining elements of Punk, Glam, and Garage Rock, this enigmatic group defied categorization and captivated audiences with their electrifying performances and boundary-pushing music. Join us as we delve into the captivating story of The Lords of the New Church and explore their enduring legacy in the annals of rock history.      

The Birth of a Supergroup

 Formed in 1981, The Lords of the New Church brought together a diverse lineup of seasoned musicians from prominent punk and rock bands. Fronted by the charismatic Stiv Bators of The Dead Boys, with Brian James of The Damned on guitar, Dave Tregunna of Sham 69 on bass, and Nick Turner of The Barracudas on drums, the band was a veritable supergroup poised to shake up the music scene.

A Fusion of Styles

 At the heart of The Lords of the New Church’s sound was a bold fusion of musical styles that defied easy classification. Drawing inspiration from punk, post-punk, glam, and Garage Rock rock, the band created a sonic tapestry that was at once raw and sophisticated, primal and atmospheric. Their music resonated with audiences hungry for something fresh and innovative in the punk landscape.

Electrifying Performances

What set The Lords of the New Church apart was not just their music but also their electrifying live performances. Onstage, Stiv Bators was a force of nature, channelling the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll with his intense vocals and dynamic stage presence. Backed by the blistering guitar work of Brian James and the pulsating rhythm section of Tregunna and Turner, the band delivered performances that were as thrilling as they were unforgettable.

Iconic Releases:

Throughout their career, The Lords of the New Church released a string of influential albums that cemented their status as pioneers of the punk and post-punk movements. From their self-titled debut album, featuring standout tracks like “Open Your Eyes” and “Russian Roulette,” to later releases such as “Is Nothing Sacred?” and “The Method to Our Madness,” the band consistently pushed the boundaries of what punk rock could be.

Enduring Influence

Despite their relatively short-lived tenure, The Lords of the New Church’s impact on the music world continues to reverberate to this day. Their innovative blend of Garage Rock, Punk, Glam, and Post Punk paved the way for countless bands that followed, influencing genres as diverse as alternative rock, industrial, and goth. Their music remains as vital and relevant as ever, inspiring new generations of musicians to push the boundaries of creativity and expression.

Stiv Bators & Joan Jett

As we reflect on the dynamic legacy of The Lords of the New Church, one thing becomes abundantly clear: their impact transcends the confines of genre and time. Through their electrifying performances and boundary-pushing music, the band forged a connection with audiences that continues to resonate decades later. Their fearless exploration of their musical style not only challenged conventions but also inspired a new generation of musicians to embrace diversity and creativity. As we celebrate their contributions to the music world, we are reminded of the enduring power of art to provoke thought, evoke emotion, and unite us in shared experiences. The Lords of the New Church may have left the stage, but their spirit lives on, a testament to the timeless allure of rock ‘n’ roll rebellion


Studio Albums

1982 – The Lords of the New Church, 1982 ( Illegall, I.R.S.)

1983 – Is Nothing Sacred?, (I.R.S.)

1984 – The Method to Our Madness, (I.R.S.)

2003 – Hang On, 2003 (Not on label)


1982 – New Church

1982 – Open Your Eyes

1982 – Russian Roulette                          

1983 – Live for Today

1983 – Dance with Me 

1984 – Murder Style

1984 – Method to My Madness                                            

1985 – When the Blood Runs Cold (Special Remix)                                                 

1985 – Like a Virgin

1987 – Real Bad Time

1987 – Dance with Me

1989 – Making Time                                                 

2004 – Heaven Stepped

Compilation Albums

1985- Killer Lords ( I.R.S.)

2000 – The Anthology (Remedy)

2002 – The Lords Prayers II (NMC Music)

2003 – Stories at Dusk (Alchemy Entertainment)

2007 – Rockers (Easy Action)

2012 – The Gospel Truth (Easy Action)

Live Albums

1988 – Live at the Split (Illegal)

1988 – Scene of the Crime, 1988 (Perfect Beat)

1989 – Second Coming, 1989 (Perfect Beat)

2002 – The Lords Prayers I, (NMC Music)

1988 – Farewell Tour 1988, 2003 (Get Back)

2015 – Los Diablos, 2015 (Easy Action)

2019 – Open Your Eyes, 2019 (Cleopatra)

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