Os Estilha​ç​os – Os Estilha​ç​os (Sunnyboy66 Records)

Let’s take a wild ride all the way from the bustling streets of São Paulo, Brazil. Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts as we dive into the vibrant, psychedelic world of Os Estilhaços! This dynamic quartet is heavily inspired by the 60’s psychedelic sound, drawing influence from the likes of The Electric Prunes, The Seeds, and The Count Five.

Fronted by Rodrigo “Bob” Aniceto on rhythm, solo guitar and vocals, Paulo Nobre strumming the bass and backing vocals, Cristina Alves Locatelli creating magic on the organ and backing vocals, and Alexandre Rodrigues keeping the beat alive on drums and backing vocals – this ensemble is a force to be reckoned with. Their phenomenal debut album is a gift from the Greek label, Sunnyboy66 Records.

The album is a nostalgic trip back to the ’60s, drenched in heavy psychedelic sound. Bob’s robust fuzz riffs and Cristina’s captivating organ playing create a moody, trippy aura. Paulo’s and Alexandre’s contribution adds the much-needed stability and cohesiveness to the sound. This quartet is nothing short of a psychedelic revelation!

The production, while clean, gives a distinct nod to the ’60s aesthetics and techniques. It’s a testament to the fact that when dynamics and equalization in the mix are used simply but effectively, they can create a unique sonic experience.

The album features 10 original tracks sung in Portuguese, and two covers of ’60s Garage Punk classics, The Squires’ “Going All The Way” and The Mourning Reign’s “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. In these covers, Alexandre’s drumming truly shines, adding a fresh twist and steering clear of the trap of being just another tired remake.

Cristina’s lead vocals on “Satisfaction Guaranteed” infuse a calm, nostalgic melancholy into the song, making it a standout cover.

The record kicks off with “Chama Mor,” a track that’ll leave you feeling like you’ve time-traveled back to 1968. With a vibe that echoes Zakary Thaks and Master Apprentices, the song wraps up with a killer melodic guitar solo and organ fillings that’ll leave your soul spinning.

“Nao da Mais” is a hypnotic, dark garage psychedelic track that tips its hat to The Fuzztones. Packed with superb organ and guitar work, this tune is as outstanding as it is outlandish.

In short, Os Estilhaços has delivered a debut album that’s psychedelic, trippy, moody and above all, authentic. This is the kind of debut every band dreams of. So, give these rockin’ guys and gal the applause and support they richly deserve! As they say in Brazil, “Parabéns!” – Congratulations, Os Estilhaços, on a job well done.

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