Review: The Smoggers – My Last Rock ‘n’ Roll (Soundflat Records)

Some bands are just too chilled, too real for the “too cool for school” facade. They’re the ones who are all about the music, not the peanuts they’re rolling in. They’re relentless, they’re consistent, and they’re as down-to-earth as you can get. They’re the bands that have been carving up the garage scene for years. They don’t need us to tell them they’re cool – they already know it. Hello, The Smoggers.

The Smoggers are no newbies; they’ve been around the block with 7 LPs, 12 7″, and 2 10″ under their belts. Their latest LP, ‘My Last Rock N Roll’, released by Soundflat Records, shows the world that they’re not here to play – they’re here to rock n roll!

Fernando and his crew are certainly not pushovers. They’ve churned out an LP, a culmination of years of recording and live performances. The Smoggers know that if you want to make a splash, you’ve got to blend the best of both worlds. And blend, they certainly have!

The record kicks off with ‘Don’t try to help me any more’: the bassline hits you hard and the 80’s revival vibe sweeps you off your feet. You just know this record is going to be worth it…and oh boy, does it pay off. It’s 80’s revival with a capital R!

‘My Last Rock N Roll’ is a fuzzy, organ-driven ball of pure raw energy, complete with a killer harmonica solo. Then, we’ve got ‘A Travel With Mary’, a slow-tempo track peppered with hypnotic organ lines and a fuzz guitar laced with tremolo: we’re loving this darker side of The Smoggers.

‘Time to Dream’ is another standout, merging 60’s moody vibes with 80’s revival. To say it’s one of their best songs isn’t an exaggeration – it’s a statement of fact.

Many think this might be their best record yet – both in terms of production and songwriting. After listening to it on repeat (five times, but who’s counting?), I have to say, they might be onto something. The Smoggers prove that you can up your game without changing your style, playing to the roots of the 80’s revival bands. It’s like they took a lesson from Fuzztones, The Cynics, and The Morlocks: Play what you like, but do it bloody well, and do it with devotion.

So, hats off to The Smoggers. They’re a band that’s stayed true to themselves, stayed true to their sound, and stayed true to the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll. Take a bow, fellas. You’ve earned it.

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