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Soulful Revolution: The Deadly Spirits Story”

Greetings, music enthusiasts! Prepare to be enthralled by the captivating world of Deadly Spirits. This band has been making waves with their distinctive fusion of 60’s soul and garage beat. Their music, characterized by a driven organ, fuzz guitar, and wild beats, is a sonic experience that harks back to the past while pushing boundaries.

Deadly Spirits aren’t just a band; they’re a musical revolution. Their sound, a gritty blend of 60’s soul and garage beat, creates a sound and attitude that is both powerful and engaging. Their performances are more than just concerts; they’re experiences that leave audiences craving for more.

The band is composed of David Lidhammar (vocals), Per Grönroos (guitar), Robert Hammar (bass), Henric Strömberg (drums), and Martin Hammar (organ). Each member brings a unique musical background to the table, and their combined experience and passion have led to the creation of a sound that is just beginning to evolve.

Get ready as we take you behind the music with Deadly Spirits. In an exclusive interview, we’ll explore their journey, their inspirations, and what the future holds for them.

What inspired the formation of Deadly Spirits, and how did the band members come together? Were there any particular influences or shared musical interests that brought you all together?
Robert – Well, it all started in 2012 when Henric, a well-known and talented drummer, asked me if I wanted to start a soulish 60s boogaloo band with a pinch of garage punky flavour. I think we labelled it Soul-punk entertainment actually. We knew we didn’t want to limit ourselves to be a strictly orthodox 60s garage punk band style… even though we love that stuff and are inspired by it, there are so many bands that do that flawlessly (for example, around that time, The Strollers from a neighbour town, were on fire! Fantastic band by the way). Basically, we wanted to create something different and make it a mix of everything we like from different 60s genres. Since I already played before in different garage rock bands in the past together with my cousin David and we knew he had the perfect voice in our opinion for the task as lead singer. He was asked and eagerly joined. We also wanted to add a local garage punk rock veteran and a great music writer called Martin Östlund who played in Cheval routes. Additionally, a guy called Tim axed the guitar and an organ player called Snake handled the organ for a while. The lineup has changed a bit over the years and at that time it was more of a hobby band with a focus on the social concept. Just playing in a band rather than being more serious. We also all had small kids at the time and had toured quite a bit in the past so we had not really any big intentions. Some of the guys left the band after a while so we managed to involve a new organist, Martin Hammar, who was perfect for the job. Not only because he was a great organ player from Soulshake Express but also because the chemistry in the band started to root and got completed when our current, fantastic guitar player and friend Per Grönroos joined the band (he also played in Cheval routes). I like to think that even though the band was formed in 2012, Deadly Spirits really found its essence around 2019 and from there on it’s been more focused on achieving something as a band.

How do the individual musical backgrounds of the band members contribute to the eclectic mix of influences present in Deadly Spirits’ music? Are there any particular artists or bands that have had a significant impact on each member’s musical style?

Robert – Oh man.. yeah, we really come from a wide range of different genres. Power pop, skate punk, Hardcore, Garage rock, 60s garage punk, Rockabilly and groovy Psych rock. So the influences are almost impossible to break down.. but I guess we all love the Sonics since our early teens and of course compilations like Back from the Grave and Nuggets boxes, a lot of Northern Soul, RnB. But basically, we get influenced by anything that got a vibe, a cool beat and a killer groove.

With extensive experience in touring, how has performing live influenced the evolution of Deadly Spirits’ music and stage presence? What elements do you prioritize to ensure your live performances leave a lasting impact on the audience?

Robert – Like I said before, in the beginning, we didn’t do that many gigs and most of them were domestic. But things have changed a bit. We still can’t go on an intense five-week tour anywhere in the world (If asked) due to family, life and jobs. That´s just the reality. On the other hand, the current members have made tons of tours in previous bands so the live experience was there from the start, which has been good for the band from the start. Another important factor is when we get to perform in front of an audience that get the whole garage rock thing like at dedicated clubs and festivals. When we played at Hipsville a Go Go, Club Beat Maker or like at the recent The Mish-Mash Club we really got fuelled up and energetic. However… no show is too small (or big) we always do our best to entertain the audience and provide good music.

As the release date approaches, what can fans expect from “Shadows and Serenades” in terms of musical progression or experimentation compared to your previous work?

Henric – First of all, our new album will not include covers of our favourite obscure 60s tunes like on the Shake for All the Good Times album. I guess you could say we finally learned to write some good stuff ourselves…hahaha. The new album is less soul and more garage rock and I think it´s something that just happened to be honest. It was not like we made a master plan or something. Call it a natural progression but the next album could sound different. We write music that feels good and somehow it always ends up sounding Deadly Spirits, whether it´s soul/garage/punk or rock that is put in our music box. We try to keep it really simple and direct, cause that´s how we like it. When a new song is written. we always ask ourselves. Would I like to listen to this at a club with a beer in my hand? If yes… then it’s a keeper.

As Deadly Spirits gear up to release “Shadows and Serenades” and embark on a tour to support the album, can you share how these upcoming performances fit into your broader future plans for the band? Are there any specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve through this tour, and how do you see it influencing the direction of Deadly Spirits as you look ahead to future projects and endeavours?  

Henric – We just hope people will dig the new album as much as we do, and that it will reach a larger audience, DJs, promotors, festival generals and clubs around the globe. Hopefully, people would want to see us at their favourite festival or Club after hearing Shadows and Serenades of the Deadly Spirits. And also supporting us by buying the vinyl record (records).

Robert – The chemistry between us makes Deadly Spirit not only a band but also a social club of friends. It’s a pure pleasure to be part of this year after year and to share stage together and I believe this reflects on our devotion and stage performance. 
At the moment, we haven´t hooked up with a booking agency yet, so promoters, Don’t be a stranger. Feel free to contact us.

Keep the Fuzz!

As we eagerly anticipate the release of “Shadows and Serenades,” the latest album from Deadly Spirits, the band has treated us to three digital singles featuring three of their new songs. Let’s dive into these tracks:

“Creepin & Crawling” (Released 15 Dec 2023): This track is a garage punk powerhouse that showcases the polyphony of the Swedish Garage scene. The rough sounds, melodic undertones, and pinches of soul and beat create a lot of grooves that are reminiscent of the latest Creeps, the Strollers, and the very early Hives. It’s a song that truly captures the essence of garage punk.

“Brass Knuckles Boogaloo” (Released March 15): Here, we surrender to the groovy, organ-driven rhythm that instantly lifts your mood. It’s a garage soul song that embodies the groove. The organ takes centre stage, driving the rhythm and creating a sound that’s both nostalgic and fresh.

“Why Did You Do (The Things You Did)”: This Garage Punk track showcases the band’s energy and their ability to write outstanding songs. The organ solo by Martin is a standout, adding a layer of complexity and depth to the track. It’s a testament to the band’s musical prowess and their ability to create engaging high-energy music.

These three songs give us a taste of what’s to come in “Shadows and Serenades,” and if they’re any indication, we’re in for a treat.

Watch Brass Knuckles Boogaloo Official Video

In wrapping up, it’s clear that Deadly Spirits is a band that’s truly passionate about their music. Their unique sound, a fusion of 60’s soul and garage beat, sets them apart in the music scene. The band members, each bringing their own musical background, have come together to create something special.

Their upcoming album, “Shadows and Serenades, of The Deadly Spirits” is eagerly anticipated. The three digital singles they’ve released so far – “Creepin & Crawling,” “Brass Knuckles Boogaloo,” and “Why Did You Do (The Things You Did)” – give us a glimpse of what’s to come, and it’s exciting.

Deadly Spirits are not just a band, they’re a group of friends who love making music together. As they continue to evolve and grow, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Keep an eye on this band, because they’re just getting started.

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