The Darts – Boomerang (Alternative Tentacles)

The Darts! All the way from Phoenix, Arizona, following the disbanding of the Love Me Nots, Nicole Laurenne and Cristina Nunez decided to stir things up a notch. They formed an all-girl garage band with the simple intention of having fun, but they ended up causing quite a sensation in the music scene with their explosive performances and their distinctive Farfisa, Fuzz Guitar and Fuzz Bass sound.

After four releases that sparked massive enthusiasm, here comes their highly anticipated LP, ‘Boomerang’, brought to you by the legendary Alternative Tentacles Records, owned by none other than Jello Biafra himself!

The Darts have always pledged to have fun and deliver pure Fuzz Farfisa and raw beats. They’ve kept their promise with ‘Boomerang’. Exceptional production reflects the status this band has earned, track by track, performance by performance. The band not only showcases their songwriting talent but also their ability to mix several genres so seamlessly that their sound becomes unique!

Track-by-Track Breakdown

Hang Around, the first track selected by the one and only Jello Biafra himself, is a Farfisa-powered bolt of energy that gives creepers and stalkers a hard-hitting dressing down. This killer opener will leave your ears craving for more, like a musical vampire thirsting for blood!

Dust off your leather jackets next for Are You Down, an 80’s revival Garage Punk anthem that throws you into the gritty, sun-baked landscapes of California and the romantic balconies of Italy. The Darts, it seems, are like that party animal friend who never runs out of energy – they just keep the hits coming!

Pour Another is up next, a hooky tune that dives into the dark underbelly of why we drink. It’s a heart-wrenching tale of anxiety, social pressure, and beer goggles. But hold your horses, this ain’t no ode to alcohol. It’s a cautionary tale that’ll make you think twice before you ask the bartender for another round!

Next on the playlist comes Your Show. It’s a standout track that hits you hard with verses as sweet as honey and choruses that are melodic and rough. It’s a poignant homage to anyone who’s ever fallen for a musician and experienced the lonely nights and unrecognizable tales that come with it.

What’s that eerie sound you hear next? It’s Liar, a track with a twisted classical piece by Grieg (yes, you read that right) that spirals into a fiery critique of the lies we tell ourselves.

Then, Slither slinks in, a sultry warning about those charmers who sneak into your heart. Listen closely for the unique touch of Mary Rose’s cymbal hits and Nicole’s mellotron chimes that makes this song a standout.

Photograph follows, an angst-ridden track about finding an old photo and wondering why things have changed so much. It’s a fast organ-driven, fuzz-drenched anthem that’ll have you craving for more

“Hell Yeah” channels some serious Motorhead vibes, thanks to Cristina’s killer bass lines.. The song recounts the band’s hugely popular appearance on Seattle radio station KEXP during the pandemic.

Get ready to sway with Night, a mid-tempo tune that introduces you to The Darts’ passionate, loyal true love. Then, fasten your seatbelts for Welcome to my Doldrums, a head-banging, fast-paced track featuring a killer Farfisa solo.

Dreaming Crazy is next, showcasing The Darts’ groovy side through a tale of lost love. You Disappoint Me follows, a classic Darts’ style track with blazing fuzz guitar and sneering vocals.

Finally, we close with Middle of Nowhere, an atmospheric and dark piece inspired by TV assassins, ocean cliffs at night, and wanderlust. The vocals echo the reverberated guitar the distorted bass and the steady drum beat making you get in the creepy and dark feeling of the song! It’s the perfect eerie ending to a record that’ll leave you gasping for breath and demanding an encore.

Final Thoughts

With its superb production and mature songwriting, ‘Boomerang’ is possibly The Darts’ best record to date. This album reflects the band’s hard work and consistent growth over the years. So mark your calendars for April 26th, the official release date, and don’t miss the chance to see these ladies live. It’s a life-changing experience, we guarantee it!

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