The Reflectors – Going Out Of Fashion (Neon Nile)

Buckle up, Powerpop enthusiasts! The Reflectors, straight outta the City of Angels, are back with their third full-length LP, Going Out of Fashion. This Los Angeles outfit has been serving us sizzling slices of ’70s and ’80s-inspired Powerpop, and this album, brought to you by the folks at Neon Nile, is no exception. It’s a testament to the band’s uncanny ability to breathe new life into the Powerpop genre.

Going Out of Fashion isn’t just an album; it’s a high-energy, raucous tribute to the golden age of Powerpop. Think punk rock marinated in melodious vocals and garnished with playful punk riffs, all wrapped up in a production style that stays fiercely loyal to the roots of the genre. Listening to this album, you can practically hear every last harmonic of the cymbal.

Kicking things off is ‘All The Way Down’, not just an opener, but a statement of intent. This tune is a pop-punk delight with melodic vocals and a hook that captures The Reflectors’ style perfectly. Following in its footsteps is ‘I Gotta Run’, following the same infectious pattern.

One track that truly stands out is ‘Limitation’. With its unique melody and breakneck beat, it’s a tune that certainly sets the pace. But the hits don’t stop coming. ‘Losing My Mind’ is a nod to late 70’s Punk Rock, and boy, does it hit the spot! The faster this band goes, the better they get. Their talent for blending pure Punk rock with pop elements is undeniable and downright exciting.

The title track, ‘Going Out of Fashion’, is an anthem that champions the core Powerpop principles. It’s as if The Reflectors held a mirror to the genre and reflected its best traits right back at us. ‘Space and Time’ is yet another standout track, keeping the groove going and the energy high.

The album concludes with ‘Time is all I Have’, a masterstroke of songwriting, featuring a catchy riff and the addition of keyboards on the chorus – a perfect full stop for the album.

Why are The Reflectors gaining popularity so quickly, you ask? Just listen to this album. If they keep dishing out hits like these, they’ll soon be bounding over the limits set by their previous releases. Their previous album Faster Action was voted as one of the best releases of 2021, and I’ve no doubt that Going Out of Fashion will follow suit. The Reflectors’ sound is authentic, unpretentious, and their songwriting skills are top-notch.

In short, if you’ve got a hankering for pure, unadulterated Powerpop, The Reflectors are your go-to, and Going Out of Fashion is your next favourite album. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this one!

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