The Sences Unveil Their Debut Album “Better Than Before” – A Nostalgic Journey Through ’60s Garage & Moody Sounds

Lost In Tyme Records proudly presents the debut album from Greece’s garage rock prodigies, The Sences. “Better Than Before” is set to hit the shelves this June, offering a dozen tracks that are a testament to the band’s fervent love for the ’60s garage and moody sounds.

Following their acclaimed debut 7″ EP, The Sences have crafted an LP that’s as authentic as it is nostalgic. “Better Than Before” features original compositions that resonate with the teen angst and the vibrant energy of the era. The album opens with “Don’t Care,” the definitive garage punk anthem of 2024, and takes listeners on a journey through tracks that could have been the anthems of New England college dorms back in ’66.

With songs like “No Pain No Sorrow,” “Either Way,” and “Byrds Won’t Fly Today,” The Sences channel the spirit of bands that once graced the stages of clubs like The Pandora’s Box on the Sunset Strip. The album also delivers raw, teen garage stompers such as “She Knocked On My Door,” “One More Night,” and “My Girl,” all bursting with raw fuzz, swirling farfisa, and pounding drums. The LP culminates with “Psychosis,” an acid punk instrumental evocative of a mid-’60s psychsploitation film soundtrack.

The Sences have emerged as a band that embodies the cool and authentic vibe of the ’60s without effort. “Better Than Before” is not just an album; it’s an invitation to experience the magic of garage music, brought to you by Lost In Tyme Records, the label synonymous with preserving the essence of vintage sounds for the modern era.




Release date: June 2024

Cat. No. LIT33 – 006

Format: LP

File under: 60’s Garage & moody sounds

Country: GREECE

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