Heads Up! The Darts’ New Album is About to Drop!

Finally, the day we’ve been chewing our nails over is nearly here! The wait has been agonizing, every tick of the clock echoing the drumbeat of anticipation. But hang in there, because the Darts’! brand new LP, ‘Boomerang,’ is set to explode into the music scene on April 26th, courtesy of the legendary US Label, Alternative Tentacles Records.

Born from the ashes of the much-loved band, THE LOVE ME NOTS, rock goddesses Nicole Laurenne and Christina Nunez began their own thrilling journey in 2016. They created an all-girl garage punk band with a simple yet audacious mission: to make outstanding music, see the world together, and have one hell of a good time doing it.

The Darts: A Musical Firestorm

In the months that followed, THE DARTS released two self-produced EPs and signed with Dirty Water Records (UK). Their debut album, ‘Me.Ow.’ (2017), and a compilation of their first two EPs, ‘The Darts’ (2018) became instant classics.

The band erupted like a volcano in 2018. This whirlwind year brought tours, TV appearances, music videos, a new record label, and the addition of guitarist Meliza Jackson. They graced stages at big European festivals and ended the year supporting THE DAMNED on their US tour.

Then, in a move that shook the music world, Jello Biafra signed the band to his legendary label, Alternative Tentacles Records.

Riding the Wave: The Pandemic Years

Even the COVID-19 pandemic couldn’t put a damper on these energetic hellraisers. Locked in her studio, Nicole Laurenne penned new songs that were unleashed in an EP, ‘Love Tsunami.’ The band performed on a Vox Instagram session, racking up over fifty thousand views, and then hit the road for the first time since lockdown. Their ‘Love Tsunami Tour’ quenched the thirst of rock-deprived audiences across the US and Europe, and introduced new drummer Mary Rose Gonzales.

Their 2023 album, ‘Snake Oil,’ co-produced by Jello Biafra and Bob Hoag, was a milestone. Fusing psychedelic rock with punk energy, it was dark, explosive, and full of catchy choruses and thoughtful lyrics.

‘Boomerang:’ The Next Big Thing

Their epic 2024 album, ‘Boomerang,’ is ready to launch, and we can’t wait to get our hands on this masterpiece. Produced by Mark Rains (Los Angeles), ‘Boomerang’ aims to capture the raw rock spirit of the band. The 12-track album will be released in April 2024 on Alternative Tentacles Records, and will see the band heading out on tour again, ready to rock the world!

The Darts are:

NICOLE LAURENNE: Lead vocals, keyboards


CHRISTINA NUNEZ: Bass, backing vocals

MARY ROSE GONZALES: Drums, percussion

Album Title: Boomerang

Release Date: 26/04/2024

Format: LP/CD/Digital

Record Label: Alternative Tentacles

Hang Around 2:01
Are You Down 2:23
Pour Another 2:41
Your Show 2:40
Liar 2:26
Slither 2:34
Photograph 2:27
Hell Yeah 2:25
Night 2:48
Welcome To My Doldrums 2:17
Dreaming Crazy 2:11
You Disappoint Me 2:07
The Middle Of Nowhere 3:25

Layout: ©Louise Sordoillet
Album artwork: ©Louise Sordoillet
Cover photo: ©Thierry Causera

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