Hold Your Breath, It’s Going To Be a Wild Ride: An Energetic Review of The Fantastic Fellinis, Deux (Soundflat Records)

Hey, you! Yeah, you there, with the rebellious spirit and the insatiable appetite for cutting-edge music. Get set, because we’ve got a band that’s about to blow your mind.

Introducing The Fantastic Fellinis.

They’re not just another band on the block. Oh no, they’re the explosive new sound ready to redefine your music perception. Believe us when we say, these cats are a sonic hurricane just waiting to hit your eardrums!

Picture this: a heady cocktail brought to you by Vitta, Keeneth, Rene and Marco, of the good old ’60s garage, MOD, and RNB, swirled in with the groovy vibes of the ’70s, and a dash of today’s indie scene. It’s like an older, cooler cousin of music you know, packing a punch you didn’t see coming. That’s the Fantastic Fellinis for you, unique and unapologetic, making them as rare as a unicorn in a haystack.

After their thrilling debut album, Introducing the Fantastic Fellinis, they’re back with a ground-shaking release, Deux, packed with hits that will make your vinyl player sweat.

The Dominators of Your Discography

This musical turmoil is being unleashed by none other than the audacious German label, Soundflat Records. They’ve got the courage to stand behind the Fellinis’ rebellious spirit, making them the perfect partner in crime for this chaotic ensemble.

The Rumble Begins with ‘Deux’

Deux kicks off with Saturated Sunday, a track pulsating with fuzz-drenched, tremolo guitar licks and organ-driven beats that are as intoxicating as the whisky shots at your local pub. Vitta Quinn’s chromatic vocal essence turns this song into a riotous anthem that will have your heart pounding to its rhythm.

Following up is Somewhere in my Dreams, revealing the band’s Pop and Powerpop edge, adorned with melodic chords, catchy organ lines, and vocals guaranteed to echo in your head for days.

Side Tracks That Steal The Show

Hip Pocket and Stone Cold Fox are 70’s-inspired grooves, stacked with fuzz-drenched guitars and organ-driven melodies. These are undisputed gems that will keep your feet tapping and your heart thumping.

Spector serves up a cocktail that smoothly mixes the rock and pop flavours of the 70s with a dash of modern sound. The brass in the background adds a whole new dimension, creating a sound that’s as complex and satisfying as your favourite bourbon.

My Mind Goes Round in Circles is a Powerpop Garage song, while Broken Soul is an uptone groovy RNB gem packed with fantastic guitar and organ solos that will have your soul dancing.

The Grand Finale

The band revs up the tempo with Change, a stomping 60’s Soul Mod RNB-fueled track that is pure dynamite. And finally, the MOD GEM Crown Prince of Reality takes you on a time machine, harking back to the London MOD era of the 70’s.

Conclusion: The Fantastic Fellinis are FANTASTIC!!

These guys aren’t just copycats. They’re not just playing the game, they’re changing the rules. They’re like the mad scientist of music, experimenting and creating their own unique styles. You won’t find any “been there, done that” tunes on their tracklist. No siree, every note they play is a new adventure, a bold step forward into the uncharted territory of sound.

So, from us to you, here’s a standing ovation and a tip of the hat. Let’s all raise our hands and salute The Fantastic Fellinis.

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