Lancashire Bombers – No Fun No Sun (Spinout Nuggets)

Are you getting emotional for the days of raw, powerful music? Do you long for the electrifying jolt of energy that propels you to your feet and makes you want to scream and shout? Buckle up, because today we’re diving into an absolute dynamite of an album!

Lancashire Bombers, an electrifying mod power pop band from the UK, have roots that go as deep as early Jam. heavily dosed with influences from the iconic UK pub rock scene of the mid-’70s. But forget just walking down memory lane – these guys are here to blow your mind with their explosive second album, ‘No Fun No Sun’, released under the hyperactive label, Spinout Nuggets.

Following the promising debut, band members Brett, Pete Parsley, and Rudie have concocted a musical cocktail so intoxicating it’s impossible to ignore. It’s not just a nod to their pub rock influences, but a potent mashup of today’s Medway Sound and the grit of later punk sound. This album is a beautifully chaotic blend that will get your heart racing and your feet stomping!

Brett’s melodic voice is a raw, powerful machine, steering the band forward with a rebellious spirit. His guitar playing conjoined with Pete’s is the pure embodiment of passion. Together with Parsley and Rudie, they maintain a relentless, frenzied beat that keeps the energy high and the listeners engaged.

Each song on this album is a unique masterpiece. ‘No Fun No Sun’, the opening track, is a screaming tribute to Medway with its stunning energy, power, and melodic guitar riffs that immediately set the groove for the entire album.

Then there’s ‘Never Been True’, a real punk rock gem that showcases how skilfully the band can weave later Punk Rock elements into their sound. ‘Georgina’, a track that warns you to stay clear of that woman, is an absolute tribute to the British RNB sound, highlighting Petes’s impressive guitar solo skills.

And let’s not forget about ‘Sleep Like a Mud’, a perfect power-pop gem that sets the tone for the entire album!

‘No Fun No Sun’ is a rare breed of second album that stands tall, continuing the legacy of the band’s debut. The Bombers’ experience and their clear passion for their music shines through in every track. I can’t help but eagerly anticipate their next album!

So, if you’re searching for something that’s, truly energetic, and impossible to forget, look no further. Give ‘No Fun No Sun’ a spin and let me know if you manage to stay still. I bet you won’t!

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