The Hurricanes – Here Comes The Storm (Spinout Nuggets)

imagine being swept up in a whirlwind of Loud Garage/Mod vibes, a ferocious fusion that channels the soulful rhythm of 60s Soul, the rhythmic pulse of R&B, and the rebellious spirit of the British Beat It’s as if you were catapulted straight from the present directly into the heart of the mid 60’s. It’s like a sonic collision of The Who, The Clash and The Prisoners trapped in an era-defining time capsule. Yes, folks, that’s the staggering ambience created by The Hurricanes in their latest album release.

Despite featuring guest musicians who lend their talents to the brass, keyboards, and vocals, the band maintains a strong DIY ethos they’ve engineered, recorded, and mixed everything themselves, creating a raw authenticity that resonates through each track. The album, brought to you by the Spinout Nuggets, boasts 11 exceptional songs on vinyl, and the CD version includes an additional 3 tracks from the same sessions, making it their most consistent and compelling collection yet.

While many bands lean toward crystal clear production, The Hurricanes embrace the raw and unfiltered. Their hands-on approach to recording and mixing this album has resulted in a body of work that is both impressive and inherently raw, giving the album a unique and tangible identity.

Among these stellar tracks, three particularly stand out.”In the Middle of the Night” is an R&B-fueled powerhouse, where the undeniable influence of 70s mod stands out. The saxophone roots the song, while the overall vibe lifts your spirits, priming you for a wild all-night party in the heart of Soho. “Smile” is another killer track from this album, an outstanding tribute to Garage/Power Pop. The song juxtaposes a melodic voice and mellow chorus with the sweet melancholy and minor tone that permeates the rest of the song. The final standout, “Burning the Bridges,” is another Garage/MOD highlight that showcases why this band has captured the hearts of music lovers.

The Hurricanes are a tight-knit, hardworking band with phenomenal songwriting skills. Their latest release, “Here Comes the Storm,” solidifies their position in the music landscape. So, if you’re a fan of the true side of Garage-Pop sound, this album is a must-have for your collection

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