Meet MOONHEAD: The Harmonic Fusion of Psychedelic Rock and Dynamic Culture

In 2002, a remarkable artist named Samuel Abaijón embraced the peculiar moniker, MOONHEAD. This name was first coined during a recording session with the ska/reggae band, The Valkyrians. As the band’s frontman, Angster, pointed at Samuel during their debut EP’s title song ‘Miracle’ and sang the now infamous lyrics: “Happy to be a Moonhead…”, this quirky nickname started to stick around and has since become Samuel’s musical identity.

With a rich tapestry of Spanish and Finnish heritage, Samuel is a seasoned musician and accomplished producer. His distinct musical touch is evident in an array of revered records. From the organ’s enigmatic tune in surf and 60’s garage rock groups like The Mike Bell Cartel and The Atomic Blast, to the rhythm-driven reggae beats of The Valkyrians and Dub Vallila, Samuel’s versatility is impressive. He also showcases his musical prowess as a bass guitarist with the indie/alternative band, The Bunkers.

Five years ago, Samuel embarked on an ambitious project to craft MOONHEAD’s first demos. His aim? To encapsulate the raw, experimental, and alternative music that influenced his youth. These include genres like psychedelic rock, new wave, krautrock, noise rock, and post-punk.

Despite a few setbacks and a major relocation to the countryside, Samuel remained resolute, relying on his DIY method. He utilized all available equipment and instruments to produce his songs, redefining MOONHEAD as a one-man studio band, with potential to expand into a live band as needed.

MOONHEAD’s debut single, “Pale Grey Eyes”, mesmerizingly reflects upon life’s enigma and the paradox of existence itself. Samuel chose to film his partner and one-year-old son, both gifted with intriguing greyish eyes for the music video— a personal touch that adds depth to the song. The track can be best described as a neo-psychedelia anthem, with its stoner-style distorted guitars, feedback noises, and mellotron sounds. MOONHEAD’s soothing voice, laced with Spanish inflections, perfectly complements the instrumental backdrop.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a transcendent blend of psychedelic rock and cultural dynamism that is MOONHEAD!

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