The Cryptones – Brand New Star (Pigme Records -Stryckhnine Recordz )

Hey, Beaters! Prepare yourselves for a blistering dose of vivacious French Garage Rock’n’roll dynamism from the legendary band The Cryptones! These rock’n’rollers need no introduction – they’ve been setting the stages on fire with their robust energy and wild charisma for over 35 years! They first graced our ears on the iconic Teen Trash Series, and they’re back now, revving up the music scene once more with their latest LP, Brand New Star. Courtesy of the distinguished French labels, Pigme Records and Stryckhnine Recordz (co-release), this album is nothing short of an adrenaline rush!

The Cryptones laid low for seven years after their previous release, In├ędits 94, but have made a grand resurgence with an absolute ground-shaker. This 12-track album features both own compositions and reimagined covers, all oozing with the band’s distinctive style that’s as unique as their rich history. They’ve played their cards right with the ingenious production of this album – the experience of their long-standing career resonates in both their songwriting and their unique way of executing the covers.

The album kicks off with the title track, Brand New Star, setting the tone with a tremolo guitar and a swirling organ. It’s sheer brilliance, folks! Up next is Stupid Girl, a groovy, bouncy beat that’ll have you shaking a leg in no time. Then, Midnight rides in with a country-western rockabilly vibe, featuring a sublime trumpet solo that makes it a standout on the album.

The Cryptones then wow us with a splendid cover of The Pretty Things’ 1966 classic, Midnight To Six. Trust me, these guys are no pushovers! They move forward with Shell Of Love, a track that carries a nostalgic nod to the 70’s punk era and bands like The Modern Lovers. Sorry and Mr. President transport us back to the band’s dynamic Garage Punk Revival days, complete with demonic fuzz guitars and a swirling organ. The Cryptones we all know and love are truly back!

The album’s most unexpected delight comes with a cover of The Miracle Workers’ Already Gone. It’s not just a replay – it’s a complete reimagining. Then, Little Lilly delivers a Garage Punk groove with a guitar solo that proves why this band has remained relevant for all these years. I Need You is a fast Garage Punk stomper that harks back to the band’s earlier releases, and New Life is an absolute Garage Punk gem with a stomping rhythm that’ll have you bobbing your head in no time.

Finally, the record closes with Brother and Sister, an ode to the 70s rock n roll era with elements of The Stooges and Velvet Underground, and peppered with impressive organ line and solo.

In conclusion, Brand New Star is a heartfelt tribute to classy Garage and Rock N Roll – and a testament to The Cryptones’ relentless spirit and restless energy, even 35 years on. They’ve managed to impress us all over again with their unique Rock n roll spirit and their unyielding fervour. The Cryptones are known for their electrifying performances – it’s a damn shame if you miss their show when they hit your town. So, remember, folks, keep your eyes and ears out for the indomitable Cryptones!

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