Scaners 3
The Scaners - LP 3(Co-Release)
Sci-Fi Gonzo Synth Garage Punk Pioneers from Another Planet Get ready for a sonic invasion! Straight out of Lyon, France, we have The Scaners – a supersonic, gonzo space punk band who’ve...
The Mike Bell Cartel - Ain't No High(That's High Enough)/ Like No Other (Rogue Records)
Finland, typically celebrated as a titan of the metal scene, is seeing its musical landscape transformation led by none other than the Mike Bell Cartel. This quintet is shaking the status quo, proving...
front cover LIT33-005
The Basements - Sounds of Yesterday (Lost In Tyme Records)
Let’s take a trip to Thessaloniki, Greece, and delve into the distinctive sounds of The Basements. This band has been crafting its unique blend of garage punk, drawing heavy influences from...
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