The Scaners – LP 3(Co-Release)

Sci-Fi Gonzo Synth Garage Punk Pioneers from Another Planet

Get ready for a sonic invasion! Straight out of Lyon, France, we have The Scaners – a supersonic, gonzo space punk band who’ve been bringing their extraterrestrial tunes to Earth since 2016.

These intergalactic rockers deliver an electrifying blend of swirling garage rock’n roll, tailormade for UFO pilots and anyone who enjoys a dash of the otherworldly in their music. They’ve already put out 2 albums, 3 seven-inch records and have been featured in several compilations, with their first album making it to Louder Than War’s albums of the year list in 2018.

The Scaners III: A Bold New Launch

Their third album, aptly titled ‘The Scaners III’, is a collaboration of five labels: Adrenalin fix Music, Beluga Music, Folc Records, Dangerhouse records, and Wanda Records.

Featuring tracks that range from space garage rock pulsating with hypnotic synth lines, to punk rock classics reminiscent of The Rezillos, this record is an exhilarating journey through the cosmos.


“Zero Gravity”, a catchy, melodic number that exudes a “Devo is in the air” vibe, and “Feel the Blade”, a standout track characterized by innovative bass playing and captivating synth lines.

Other highlights include:

  • No Return: A mesmerizing space garage rock track, layered with hypnotic synth lines and a hefty serving of punk.
  • Brutal City: A standout punk rock anthem with high-energy rock ‘n’ roll vibes, sans any synth.
  • Le Future & Kommunication: These tracks, sung in French, blend punk rock and garage punk with a new/cold wave feel.
  • Satellite Rain: A fast, furious, and desperate synth-fueled Garage Punk anthem with a killer opening guitar riff and fantastic solo.
  • Cosmos Kid & La Fete Est Finie: Mid-tempo tracks that mix garage punk with synths and post-punk new wave vibes, respectively.
  • Wipe out: A unique track that pays tribute to the 80’s cold wave and post-punk, perfectly blended with garage punk.

A Cosmic Blend of Styles

The album expertly fuses Garage and Punk rock with New Wave and Post Punk. French bands have a history of skillfully blending new wave and post punk with other musical styles, and The Scaners are proudly picking up that mantle.

If you’re tired of the same old Garage or Punk Rock tunes, ‘The Scaners thirld album’ is a breath of fresh, albeit alien, air. And for those wary of synths, this record might just be the perfect antidote.

So, buckle up and prepare for a sonic journey unlike any other. The Scaners are here, and they’re ready to take you out of this  galaxy

Just remember, in space, everyone can hear you rumble

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