The Baron Four – Outlying (Beluga Records – Soundflat Records)

Oh, music lovers, brace yourselves! Our supergroup, The Baron Four, have done it again! Formed in 2012 and boasting talents from the likes of The Embrooks, The Galileo 7, The Capellas, Paper Lips, and The Jack Cades, they’re undoubtedly the crème de la crème of the UK music scene.

Imagine, if you will, a sonic brew that mingles two of the most influential sixties scenes – the English Freakbeat and the US underground band explosion of 1966. But wait, it’s no ordinary blend. The Baron Four have managed to take these elements and transform them into a sound that’s uniquely their own without losing that quintessential English vibe.

Their third album, Outlying, presented in a striking 60’s style cover artwork with a flap outer sleeve and UV varnish, is a testament to their creative prowess. Expect a shake-up, folks! This masterpiece is brought to you by none other than Soundflat Records.

One listen to this album, and you’ll see why we can confidently dub them a supergroup. Their music is a perfect harmony of experience, talent, and a deep understanding of their genre. The production is authentic, a time machine transporting you back to the sixties Britain – it’s British Garage Beat at its finest, with a moodiness that’s simply captivating.

Now comes the tricky bit. How on earth do I single out tracks from an album that’s a polished gem in its entirety? It’s like asking me to choose a favourite star from the galaxy! But, for the sake of this review, ‘I See You’ and ‘Feeling Blue’ stand out as true masterpieces with their moody ambience. The opener ‘Trying’ is a strong track that sweetly fills you with nostalgia. Then there’s ‘That Beat When you Walk’, a nod to the classic British Freakbeat style.

And let’s not forget ‘More Time’, which hints at influences from across the pond, reflecting the US scene of yesteryears. The closing track ‘Who is Who’ is another melody-rich track that leaves you brimming with a sense of melancholy and, above all, a deep sense of satisfaction.

I’m not one to rate records with numbers, but for this one, I’ll make an exception. Outlying is a resounding 5/5! It’s definitely one of this year’s best releases. My advice? Grab it while you can. Missing out on it should be considered a musical travesty!

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