The Night Times – I’m Leaving You/Tell Me (Rogue Records)

Prepare your ears, for LA’s favourite Garage Rock quintet, The Night Times, are back on the scene! Yes, the illustrious lads from the City of Angels who’ve previously rocked our world with three 7 inches and a full-length album are back with a brand new 45, released on Rogue Records. Now, I know it’s been a while since we’ve heard from them (2019, to be exact), but trust me when I say that this record proves that patience really is a virtue.

Picture yourself basking in a heady mix of 60’s and 80’s Garage vibes, your senses assaulted by Fuzz-drenched guitars and an organ sound that has you itching to cut loose on the dancefloor. Yes, my friends, The Night Times have truly mastered the art of manifesting their raw, edgy vibe into a dynamic and energetic musical extravaganza. And they’ve done it with such intensity that it practically leaps out of the record and grabs you by the collar!

Side A gifts us with “I’m Leaving You”, an electrifying track that perfectly marries Fuzz Guitar with a Farfisa organ – a combination so potent it’s sure to steal your heart and your eardrums. But that’s not all! The organ solo will grab you by the scruff of your neck and demand your attention. It’s an absolute belter, folks.

Flip the record over and you’re met with “Tell Me”, another earworm that’s destined to make it onto your favourites list. The tremolo, the lead guitar, and the raw, gritty voice is a combination so delicious, it would make you weep.

To say The Night Times are simply getting better with each release would be a gross understatement. They’re not just evolving, they’re erupting in a blaze of Garage Rock glory. And if this 45 is any indication, their next full LP is going to be something worth salivating over.

So buckle up, Garage Punkers. The Night Times are here, and they’re ready to rock you into oblivion.

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