The Royal Hangmen – Paranoid Nightmares(Foggy Notion)

Straight outta Switzerland, The Royal Hangmen have come to shake things up with their latest LP, ‘Paranoid Nightmares,’ produced by Swiss newcomers, Foggy Notion Records. This album is more than a nod to Garage Punk— it’s a full-blown homage to RNB, Freakbeat, and that classic ’60s Garage Punk sound that we all adore.

Sure, you might be thinking…another Garage band?. But trust me, The Royal Hangmen are anything but monotonous. They have an uncanny knack for bringing an undeniably infectious energy straight to your speakers—and straight to your soul!

One of the standout elements of this album is the raw-edged voice of Vasco. It’s the perfect foil for the Royal Hangmen’s songbook, and it’s one of the many reasons this LP stands out from the crowd. But beyond Vasco’s voice, it’s the band’s well-honed playing skills, their excellent songwriting, and their tight-knit chemistry that make this album a truly shining example of how Garage Punk should be played.

The production quality of ‘Paranoid Nightmares’ is another standout. It’s loud, cohesive, and presents each instrument in vivid detail—a testament to the band’s old-school approach of recording live and all together in the studio.

As a die-hard fan of The Royal Hangmen from the very beginning, I have to highlight a few tracks from this album that have really blown me away. “Let’s Get Together” is a soulful RNB powerhouse, reminiscent of the British ’60s era, complete with explosive beats and striking female backing vocals. The title track, “Paranoid Nightmares,” is a true 60’s-inspired fuzz guitar Garage Punk gem. Meanwhile, “Walking Barefoot in London” is a Jangle Pop masterpiece, complete with an irresistible organ line that I can’t help but fall in love with!

Let’s not forget the last couple of outstanding tracks: “Surf’s Up” and “Hang Five.” The former is a high-energy, organ-drenched, fuzz guitar-fueled monster that captures the joy and frenzy of beach parties. The latter, an instrumental delight, showcases the band’s talent for uplifting guitar riffs and expressive solos. Link Wray is definitely smiling down from Rock ‘n’ Roll heaven, and Dave Allan is undoubtedly proud!

In conclusion, ‘Paranoid Nightmares’ is a masterclass in how Garage Punk should be played, and it’s no exaggeration to say that Foggy Notion should start planning for a repress because this one is destined to be a sell-out. We need more from Vasco and his crew, and if you haven’t snagged this album yet, well…what are you waiting for? No, don’t get it as soon as possible—get it yesterday!

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