Tune In, Fuzz Out: An Unfiltered Chat with The Smoggers

Kick back, crank your speakers to 11, and get ready for a wild ride with the irreverent, insubordinate, and unashamed passionate Garage band – The Smoggers. Born from the lethargy of small-town life and fueled by a fierce love for Rock’n’Roll, they’re here to smash preconceptions, push boundaries, and simply have a hell of a good time. So, let’s dive headfirst into the rough-edged, rhythm-soaked world of The Smoggers.

The Tale Behind The Smoggers

“It’s a typical story about some guys very bored in a boring small town that decide to form a Garage Band to pass the time playing the music that they love.”

Drawing from the Greats

We love a lot of bands like The Fuzztones, Morlocks, Chesterfield Kings, Cynics, Miracle Workers, The Cramps, The Sonics, The Doors…

What’s in a Name?

It Comes from the Smog term. Just a word referenced to the contamination phenomenal of the Industries’ cities. A dark term for a dark garage band.

The Birth of My Last Rock n Roll

It was very hard and very funny too. We were closed for a few days in the studio to get this album. At this time, all of us (our co-producer Maxi Holler and the band), have dedicated a lot of time to catching the best mixes in the studio. Maybe more time than the previous albums. I think we got an amazing work. In fact, I believe this album has got the best reviews and articles. Anyway, the most important is that We are very satisfied.

Social Media: Love It or Hate It?

Social Media can help the bands to get more audience and also, everyone can know the news about gigs, new records, and other important stuff. Of course, the band has to pay a high price for this because in Social Media the bands are risky for the opinions,  jugs… I don’t know yet what is the best. Sometimes I think to close off all the profiles (Facebook, Instagram…) and come back to the traditional way of promotion but then, I wasn’t doing this Interview, he,he,he!

Current Favorites in the Garage Scene

For sure! I like actually The Maharajas, Satelliters, Morlocks, Fuzztones (that they are in a great moment now!), Gruesomes, Mourning After, Cynics, Lords of Altamont…

Garage Scene in Spain and Europe: An Honest Take

Bored!!! He, he,he I have the perception that many bands try to repeat the sound of the 60’s (same melodies, hooks, voices and I think, this is boring). I love the 80’s scene because each band makes its own sound. The Sound of Fuzztones, Chesterfield Kings, Cynics, Crimson Shadows, Morlocks and Miracle Workers, for example, are totally different from each other and I love it.

Coping with Band Life’s Ups and Downs

This answer is very clear for me:  Ana. She always help to pass the bad moments and think that everything can Change to the Best. Also to share the band with calm and competent musicians help

Dream Jam Session?

The Cramps, no doubt, because It’s a shame to have never seen Lux Interior’s and Poison Ivy‘s band in concert alive

Future Plans for The Smoggers

Playing, recording and enjoying as much as possible!

Advice to Aspiring Bands

Patience and smiles!!!

A Little Something Extra…

For sure! Thanks a lot for this interview. Grateful

So, that’s The Smoggers for you, folks – loud, proud, and unapologetically ourselves. Until next time, keep Garage Punk flag up!

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