Alien Snatch! Records
Alien Snatch! Records Presents: Debut Albums from HALL and STREET PANTHER
Hello, rock and roll maniacs! Exciting news to share about two phenomenal debut releases from Berlin’s HALL and Montreal’s STREET PANTHER. Alien Snatch! Records is set to release these masterpieces on...
Damaged Goods Records
Damaged Goods Records: A Triple Treat of New Releases
Hello, Beaters! Get ready for an exciting month as Damaged Goods Records announces three brand new releases. The legendary Johnny Moped is back with a 7-inch and a full LP, and we also have a debut LP...
The Reflectors - Going Out Of Fashion (Neon Nile)
Buckle up, Powerpop enthusiasts! The Reflectors, straight outta the City of Angels, are back with their third full-length LP, Going Out of Fashion. This Los Angeles outfit has been serving us sizzling...
DEAD MOON - Running Out Of Time...Interview- Rumble Skunk Fanzine
Dead Moon’s tunes were like the soundtrack to my 20s. They didn’t just shape my taste in music; they were the embodiment of rock ‘n’ roll culture for me. Dead Moon wasn’t just a band; they were the real...
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