The Smoggers - My Last Rock n Roll
Review: The Smoggers - My Last Rock 'n' Roll (Soundflat Records)
Some bands are just too chilled, too real for the “too cool for school” facade. They’re the ones who are all about the music, not the peanuts they’re rolling in. They’re...
Lancashire Bombers
Rock 'n' Roll Renegades: The Lancashire Bombers Unleashed-Interview
Today, we’re diving into the gritty, world of Lancashire Bombers. Formed in 2019 by two audacious souls, Lancashire Bombers emerged from the fertile grounds of Manchester, carrying with them a burning...
The Baron Four
The Baron Four - Outlying (Beluga Records - Soundflat Records)
The Baron Four - Outlying, LP
The Night Times - I'm Leaving You/Tell Me (Rogue Records)
Prepare your ears, for LA’s favourite Garage Rock quintet, The Night Times, are back on the scene! Yes, the illustrious lads from the City of Angels who’ve previously rocked our world with...
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