The Spouts – Ghost In My Bed (Sunnyboy66 Records)

Get ready to dive into the rebellious world of trashy Garage Punk, courtesy of The Spouts, an edgy garage punk duo hailing all the way from Toulouse, France. Their debut 7inch EP, ‘Ghost in my Bed’, is a raw, riotous romp that serves as a refreshing smack in the face to all punk aficionados out there. This gem is a product of Sunnyboy 66 Records, noteworthy Greek label.

Sound that Sparks a Punk Rebellion

The EP is anarchy incarnate, brimming with gritty guitar riffs and straightforward melodies that ignite a primal Trashy Garage Punk flame. The beauty of this EP lies in its simplicity – a testament that greatness doesn’t always correlate with complexity.

Kicking off with a Ghostly Bang!

The EP opens with its namesake track ‘Ghost in My Bed’, a groovy garage punk anthem that’s raw as a demolition derby in full swing. Following closely on its heels is ’18 Oct’, a cool instro number that marries surf punk with a rebellious beat, making it one of the standout tracks of the record.

‘Black’ and ‘Demented’: Keeping the Punk Spirit Alive

‘Black’ is a tribute to classic Garage revival with a generous sprinkling of The Spouts’ unique ‘Punk n Trash’ essence. On the other hand, ‘Demented’ is a fuel-injected garage punk song that encapsulates the essence of angsty teenage punk spirit.

The EP’s Explosive Conclusion: ‘Riot’

Closing the EP is ‘Riot’, a track that echoes the legendary band Misfits, ensuring your Punk cravings are fully satisfied.

If you’re a sucker for Trashy garage punk and lo-fi sounds, ‘Ghost In My Bed’ is the EP for you. And remember, if The Spouts ever rock up to your town, extend kindness to yourself and catch them live. Their shows are as riveting as their music, and that’s a guarantee!

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