The Darts - Boomerang (Alternative Tentacles)
The Darts! All the way from Phoenix, Arizona, following the disbanding of the Love Me Nots, Nicole Laurenne and Cristina Nunez decided to stir things up a notch. They formed an all-girl garage band with...
The Fantastic Fellinis - deux
Hold Your Breath, It's Going To Be a Wild Ride: An Energetic Review of The Fantastic Fellinis, Deux (Soundflat Records)
Hey, you! Yeah, you there, with the rebellious spirit and the insatiable appetite for cutting-edge music. Get set, because we’ve got a band that’s about to blow your mind. Introducing The...
The Cryptones - Brand New Star (Pigme Records -Stryckhnine Recordz )
Hey, Beaters! Prepare yourselves for a blistering dose of vivacious French Garage Rock’n’roll dynamism from the legendary band The Cryptones! These rock’n’rollers need no introduction...
Ghost In My Bed
The Spouts - Ghost In My Bed (Sunnyboy66 Records)
Get ready to dive into the rebellious world of trashy Garage Punk, courtesy of The Spouts, an edgy garage punk duo hailing all the way from Toulouse, France. Their debut 7inch EP, ‘Ghost in my Bed’,...
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